Riviera Maya Cultural Traditions Alive

It is true that in modern times we give the spirit a better treatment, since studies have shown that if the soul is healthy the body is healthy, and it comes as no surprise that at the same time spiritual events or holistic events are starting to be more popular among communities throughout the world. This is no exception in the Riviera Maya.
The Riviera Maya is widely known for its cultural background.  The people that live here are in touch with their past and it is important for them to involve the Mayan tradition with their spiritual celebrations such as the Sacred Mayan Journey, the symbolic descent of Kukulcan, and the Festival of Life and Death Traditions in Xcaret.
The Sacred Mayan Journey
It is an event in which volunteers come to the shores of Playa del Carmen and sail in hand made Mayan boats to Cozumel on a three day event.  It recreates one of the oldest traditions of the Mayan culture, the pilgrimage that every year, performed the Mayan oarsmen,   rowed the island of Cozumel to worship the goddess Ixchel carrying offerings and in search of the divine message of the goddess for the Mayan people.
The Symbolic Descent of Kukulcan
Every March 21st and September 21st, dates corresponding to the equinoxes, thousands of tourists and travelers come to Chichen Itza to see the divine descent of the serpent, from the top of the Temple of Kukulcan. The latter is the most significant structure of Chichen Itza and evidence of major astronomical and mathematical knowledge from ancient Mayans.
From among the many cultures that flourished in Ancient Mexico, the Mayans were the most prominent in the observation of trajectories of the stars. Such studies and registries, were embodied in the construction of the Temple of Kukulcan . Each evening, as part of the equinoxes of spring and autumn, visitors come to witness a play of light and shadow in this building, which creates an optical illusion impossible to forget. There are seven isosceles triangles made ​​of light, which, in inverted form, project temple platforms with the sunset.
According to the passage of time, it seems that a snake descends from the temple and the latter is associated with a feathered serpent’s head which is located at the bottom of the steps. It is a magnificent archaeological and natural spectacle, not to be missed, as part of a holiday along the Riviera Maya.

Festival of Life and Death Traditions in Xcaret
Xcaret honors this great tradition that in 2003 was declared a masterpiece of oral and intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO , and every year for five days takes place the Festival of Life and Death Traditions . During this great celebration you can enjoy traditional regional cuisine , sweets , alluding to Hanal Pixán rituals , workshops , crafts , gifts and altars, visual arts exhibitions as: painting, drawing , photography and short films , children’s theater , regional , contemporary dance, tours in the Pantheon , a fun Children and Youth Pavilion alluding to Campeche , the State Guest , gala concerts and a variety of activities that take us through different artistic disciplines from traditional to contemporary in this Maya World celebration dedicated to remembering and living with our dead .
The central theme of this edition is The Ix’tabay , mythical Mayan culture represented by a beautiful woman who , according to a legend , appears to men at night, when walking alone to take them into the forest and make them get lost in the woods.
The Festival of Life and Death Traditions is a celebration which aims to ensure the active participation of society, Mayan communities, arts groups and independent artists, integrating the diversity and cultural richness in the celebration of Day of the Dead through recovery ethnic practices, traditional and contemporary allude to this ancient and beautiful Mexican tradition.

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