• Riviera Maya Cultural Traditions Alive

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    It is true that in modern times we give the spirit a better treatment, since studies have shown that if the soul is healthy the body is healthy, and it comes as no surprise that at the same time spiritual events or holistic events are starting to be more popular among communities throughout the world. […]
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  • A Greener World at Grand Palladium Resorts

    Green-Earth Palladium Resorts
    Palladium Hotel Group doing a small part in conserving our Planet Earth Environmental issues are at every person´s thoughts and responsibility in these days. That responsibility does not only fall to individuals but also to companies and Palladium Resorts does not fall behind in its commitment to help maintain our natural reserves. Photovoltaic Plant Grand […]
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  • The Meaning of the Jamaican Flag

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    Have you ever wondered what the Jamaican flag means?  Well, so have We.   The Jamaican flag was adopted on August 6th, 1962.  On this very same date the Jamaican´s celebrated their independence from the British. The golden strips dive the Jamaican flag into four sections:  The green sections (top and bottom) represent the lush vegetation […]
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  • The Riviera Maya and Its Mysticism

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    The Yucatan Peninsula has long been a land of mysticism, spiritualism, gods, science and mathematicas. The Mayan civilization which inhabited the peninsula from the Pre-Classic period (c. 2000 BC to AD 250) until the arrival of the Spanish armadas in the early 16th Century, had strong beliefs in the cyclical nature of time. All of […]
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